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About Us

•Our Mission
•Company Profile
•Powder Coating and Custom Paint
•Featured Customers

Our Mission

To offer the highest quality, most reliable, and the strongest tool box on the market. You know something you can stand back and go “Wow that’s cool!” And we’ve been doing it since the 1980’s
Delson Products has a high interest in making sure customer satisfaction is #1, let’s face it, without customers who are we.
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Company Profile

Delson Products, started as a company that saw a need for heavy duty work benches, a unit able to withstand some serious abuse, we not only conquered that goal but we added a few more. Like making then lighter, from Aluminum. Rust resistant from Stainless Steel, and we also implemented a custom look to the Delson Series Tool Boxes and other custom products we made.

Throughout the years, everyone has been accustomed to buying tool boxes, work benches, and rollaways that pretty much look the same, and that do not stand up to the work load the end user needs. This is where Delson Products has made a heavy impact in all the industries that use tool storage or just need a work bench to work on. The value of this is simple, You get what you want with Delson Products and we build it to last!
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Powder Coating and Custom Paint

Powder coating is what we use, because it is proven to be durable and we want nothing less! We can give you just about any color you can think of. The powder coating process that Delson Products uses is:
•Sand blasting with aerospace aluminum oxide
•Within 2 1/2 hours it is then iron phosphated for corrosion.
•Within 3 1/2 to 4 hours it is then sent to get it’s first base coat of powder, then a second coat if we are dealing with 2-tone colors or pearl operations.
Powder coating is standard at Delson Products for three reasons:
•There is a wide variety of colors offered in powder coating.
•The durability you get with powder coating. Delson Products designs all of it’s products with durability. Why stop with the paint, powder coating is far superior than liquid paint and at 1/10 the cost. We can match any color in liquid paint to powder coating.
•We also do custom painting to match street rods, shop colors, team colors, and just about any wicked design you want can be applied to your tool box for a reasonable cost.
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Proud Sponsors of

ASA Speed Truck Challenge
Cory Kruseman - SCRA, USAC, Non Wing Sprint Car
Ettore Products - Off Shore Supper Series OSS VEE Power Boat
Loverock Motorsports
Martinez Racing
Mike Follmer
Parr Racing - MDR Mini Mags
Ryan Arciero - S.C.O.R.E., Dakkar Rally
Ted Koerner - AMA Distric 37 Desert & Enduro KX250
Villa Racing- Blown Alcohol Sand Dragster
Vince Giamformaggio
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Cory Kruseman USAC Sprint Car Racing - Delson Products can easily build you a pit cart that gives your team the image that’s second to none.

Will Delamater Certified Truck Bodies Truck Body MFG. - Delson Products came through our shop and gave us ideas to increase our production and upgrade our image, that we never even thought about. Now we have a facility with all Delson workstations and we’ve increased our production by 20% just being organized.
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Featured Customers

American Honda Road Racing Dept. - Super Bike
Archangel Motorsports Service Inc.
Arciero Racing
Bob East Enterprises - Open Wheel
Boeing Satellite Division
Ettore Products - APBA Super Vee
Harley Davidson Road Racing - Super Bike
Honey Well International
Kawasaki Motor Corp. - USA Motocross & Super Bike
King Taco - Go Karting
Kugal’s Komponent’s
La Habra Fire Dept.
Mike Follmer Racing - Off Shore Endurance Racing
Roy Brizio Street Rods Inc.
Shane Scully Motorsports - Open Wheel
Shaver Specialties
Wally Pankratz - Open Wheel
Whispering Turbine Inc. - Unlimited Hydro
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